About Victorian Rosa

The brand has been winning hearts and minds, through the creation of outfits that redefine the words “luxury” “elegance” and “beauty”.
Victorian rosa stands for every living cinderella in deep inside heart of every girl .which make their every common occasion of every day life beautiful and sparky like well known story of princess cinderella .as a company director i visited various parts of countries and feel deep sense that now a days customers wheather asian or europian like to purchase or shop the clothes which represents with beauty and intelligence as victorian era so this brand based on imagination or infusion of contemporary western style .a style which is twin soul of asian and europian clothing style .


We introduce new color and new style for every occasion . This brand is stand for every girl because every women is special and every woman is a queen ,that make every girl bloom with the new color ,new style to enhance their personality and comfort with classy way . A clothing brand which is special yet in reach of every cinderella .

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